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A summary of the past press articles and projects of the Printing for Business GmbH.

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2020-PFB-press kit

FACTS 05-06/2020

‘ The best way of
predicting the future is to
shape it ’

Developments in society are also changing work processes – companies must react to these if they want to be successful in the long term…

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PFB-FACTS-05-2020-Shaping the future

FACTS 04/2020

Driving innovation together

important it is to seize the opportunities presented by digitalisation and exploit them for the company’s benefit – with Zebra’s technologies, the manufacturer sees itself as a key trailblazer in this regard…

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PFB-FACTS-04-2020-Driving innovation together

FACTS 11/2019

Itelligent helpers

We famously learn from our mistakes – but there are areas where they simply shouldn’t happen. In medical settings, for example, where patients require safe treatment…

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PFB-FACTS-11-2019-Intelligent helpers

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